Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sharing Secrets

Sharing secrets can be a very touchy area, a hot spot for most people.

In the first place, some people consider secrets as confidential and if someone were to let them in on a secret
they would not make that mistake and spill the beans.

On the the contrary,  there are others who live off of the secrets of others and even if they get begged to keep the secret, they sadly share it with as many people as they possibly can, each time asking each person they tell, to not tell anyone.  

While this may sound contradictory, some secrets are good for the soul, they are good to share, (and this would require exercising better judgement), while others sharing them, can be very detrimental.

Can you think of any secret that was shared, and when the confidence was broken 
the consequences were really ugly for  all involved?  I can't wait to read about your experiences.

Would you consider telling others about yourself, (especially people whom you do not know personally), as sharing secrets about you?  I also welcome your feedback on this question also.

Whether you consider it sharing secrets about yourself or not, that part of you that you are opening up to a stranger, can be a  great step in putting yourself out there. By becoming transparent, you can
eventually build lasting relationships with others. 

Some will, and some wont.  At the end of the day, if the secrets you are sharing serve
to build trust, protect, or even save someone's life, you have to wonder what good it is being
kept a secret. Again exercise good judgement in every scenario.

Sharing Secrets

Secrets have had their place in society from the beginning of time.   They've served to
keep people in suppression, and at the same time, secrets have been shared
to help movements thrive. 

Find a documentary on the subject here.

I remember my first couple of exposures to business opportunities, everyone would just 
boast about their successes. They got all the recognition while others like me on their team,
struggled to do the business, because our warm market had all been exhausted.

When I asked my up-line about the techniques used that allowed his success, 
he was tight-lipped. How he achieved his successes was a well guarded secret.

Some of the success skills and knowledge you need today, you may choose to pay
for it, if you wish to know what is necessary for your success. These are the kind
of secrets that are well-guarded.  In certain communities, I can assure you, no one is
sharing these secrets.

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