Monday, August 20, 2012

Closed Minds & Easy Money

Closed Minds & Easy Money

I see it every day.  People want a solution, a better solution, but
they are so rigid to change.  They try the same things over and over,
getting frustrated over the same results, but refuse to consider
a new idea.

Am taken back to a few weeks ago when I shared one
of my videos with someone who commented,

"Easy money stuff, I am not interested."

I have since had another comment made about easy money
and I had to agree, there goes another close mind.

I cannot help, but think of the mental bondage that people enjoy as they
keep going through the grind and blaming their troubles on their
bosses for their low pay.   The prejudices towards  others
who have found an alternative to the grind  and are successfully
working their way toward embracing their freedom.

Peoples' minds are so closed, they hear of others comments, and
they lack the curiosity to get beyond that comment and see for
themselves what the facts are.

If you are new to the online industry, reading this post, and have no clue
what is involved, my first suggestion to you is cast aside your prejudices
and unlock your closed minds.  This post is not meant to insult, or hurt your feelings.
Find posts that deals with working on your mindset and the right
attitude to working in this industry.

I can now understand why, when I lost my career,
and got involved in my first online venture, why my so-called friends  then
were calling me, in anticipation of  knowing how much I was already making.

Nothing is for free.  Everything, requires a price to be paid.  I still
look forward to the day when money will come easily for me.
As I move closer to that place, I spend the time working on
discipline to achieve the results I need.


Someone has a problem with the Internet Money Making Industry,
thinking it is all about easy money?  I say to you, those of us who
do not have that problem that you do, have had enough of the grind.
We are happy someone thought well enough of us to show us an easier
alternative to grinding.

Still, as mentioned before, there is a price we pay, since nothing comes
easily for those of us who are new.  We present ourselves at the training
sessions, we take notes, we study and apply the lessons we are taught
by trainers who have had successes with the concepts they teach.

We understand the cost of being closed minded and we are way
ahead of the pack.  We also happen to know that, if  we are
going to have all the things that we never had, we ought
to do lots of things that we have never done before.
We are working hard to embrace our new status.

P.S.  Find a community in which you can learn and
grow, that is newbie friendly.

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