Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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Good Luck & Enjoy

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Closed Minds & Easy Money

Closed Minds & Easy Money

I see it every day.  People want a solution, a better solution, but
they are so rigid to change.  They try the same things over and over,
getting frustrated over the same results, but refuse to consider
a new idea.

Am taken back to a few weeks ago when I shared one
of my videos with someone who commented,

"Easy money stuff, I am not interested."

I have since had another comment made about easy money
and I had to agree, there goes another close mind.

I cannot help, but think of the mental bondage that people enjoy as they
keep going through the grind and blaming their troubles on their
bosses for their low pay.   The prejudices towards  others
who have found an alternative to the grind  and are successfully
working their way toward embracing their freedom.

Peoples' minds are so closed, they hear of others comments, and
they lack the curiosity to get beyond that comment and see for
themselves what the facts are.

If you are new to the online industry, reading this post, and have no clue
what is involved, my first suggestion to you is cast aside your prejudices
and unlock your closed minds.  This post is not meant to insult, or hurt your feelings.
Find posts that deals with working on your mindset and the right
attitude to working in this industry.

I can now understand why, when I lost my career,
and got involved in my first online venture, why my so-called friends  then
were calling me, in anticipation of  knowing how much I was already making.

Nothing is for free.  Everything, requires a price to be paid.  I still
look forward to the day when money will come easily for me.
As I move closer to that place, I spend the time working on
discipline to achieve the results I need.


Someone has a problem with the Internet Money Making Industry,
thinking it is all about easy money?  I say to you, those of us who
do not have that problem that you do, have had enough of the grind.
We are happy someone thought well enough of us to show us an easier
alternative to grinding.

Still, as mentioned before, there is a price we pay, since nothing comes
easily for those of us who are new.  We present ourselves at the training
sessions, we take notes, we study and apply the lessons we are taught
by trainers who have had successes with the concepts they teach.

We understand the cost of being closed minded and we are way
ahead of the pack.  We also happen to know that, if  we are
going to have all the things that we never had, we ought
to do lots of things that we have never done before.
We are working hard to embrace our new status.

P.S.  Find a community in which you can learn and
grow, that is newbie friendly.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sharing Secrets

Sharing secrets can be a very touchy area, a hot spot for most people.

In the first place, some people consider secrets as confidential and if someone were to let them in on a secret
they would not make that mistake and spill the beans.

On the the contrary,  there are others who live off of the secrets of others and even if they get begged to keep the secret, they sadly share it with as many people as they possibly can, each time asking each person they tell, to not tell anyone.  

While this may sound contradictory, some secrets are good for the soul, they are good to share, (and this would require exercising better judgement), while others sharing them, can be very detrimental.

Can you think of any secret that was shared, and when the confidence was broken 
the consequences were really ugly for  all involved?  I can't wait to read about your experiences.

Would you consider telling others about yourself, (especially people whom you do not know personally), as sharing secrets about you?  I also welcome your feedback on this question also.

Whether you consider it sharing secrets about yourself or not, that part of you that you are opening up to a stranger, can be a  great step in putting yourself out there. By becoming transparent, you can
eventually build lasting relationships with others. 

Some will, and some wont.  At the end of the day, if the secrets you are sharing serve
to build trust, protect, or even save someone's life, you have to wonder what good it is being
kept a secret. Again exercise good judgement in every scenario.

Sharing Secrets

Secrets have had their place in society from the beginning of time.   They've served to
keep people in suppression, and at the same time, secrets have been shared
to help movements thrive. 

Find a documentary on the subject here.

I remember my first couple of exposures to business opportunities, everyone would just 
boast about their successes. They got all the recognition while others like me on their team,
struggled to do the business, because our warm market had all been exhausted.

When I asked my up-line about the techniques used that allowed his success, 
he was tight-lipped. How he achieved his successes was a well guarded secret.

Some of the success skills and knowledge you need today, you may choose to pay
for it, if you wish to know what is necessary for your success. These are the kind
of secrets that are well-guarded.  In certain communities, I can assure you, no one is
sharing these secrets.

P.S.  Get your free membership, and find training on different business topics, 
in various languages as related to making money online and offline here.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Internet Marketing: How'd They Do That?

Internet Marketing: How'd They Do That?
How'd they do that?! Has been one question I asked myself repeatedly since coming online. With all the fancy graphics, the you tube videos with one million plus views, and countless other matters related with internet marketing that you see or hear about, that literally boggles your mind, you cannot help, but have a desire to know how it is done. When I first started out on the internet, in 2006, in one night I had maxed out one of my credit cards. I attended a meeting of some traders who were teaching how to make money trading. Back then, I still had my invincible edge, where I believed in myself so strongly, that I could conquer anything I undertook, and I thought I liked what I was learning and I would truly be successful at trading. Little did I know about the risks that were involved. When I learned of the risks involved, I got so overwhelmed with fear that my thoughts turned from How'd They Do That, to total paralysis. The rest of the weeks and months ahead, I did nothing with my traders education packet. In fact, I wanted nothing to do with it. Should I have an experience while trading, like the guy in the lecture, I thought, I was in a foreign country, my family members lived elsewhere, what would I do? I quickly decided to part ways with my over confidence and give myself a reality check. I had just created a huge debt for myself. The money spent on the training was then a sunk cost. The time had passed for requesting a refund, I couldn't do anything about it. It hurt me to not continue, but I had no clue what I had signed up for, and as I followed the lectures and learned of what could be, paralysis got the better of me. When I came back online in 2009, apart from the fact I had no money to blow, I really had to look and learn before jumping in like a fool. I followed as many free training I could find out there and learned as much as I could, making sure that the risks involved were different. I just wanted to know what I was signing up for. Since then, I have gone and signed up for paid memberships to quiet my nagging curiosity of How'd They Do That. I should also let you know that there is a community out there, that provides a free membership and free training on How'd They Do That? I get to sit in classes on a weekly basis for about two hours and follow along with an instructor as he teaches. This training I am following, involves concentration on subjects the computer savvy would consider to be basic, and would expect everyone to know. It also involves many other advanced subjects. It provides all the answers to your questions and curiosities of how'd they do that? Members find motivation, inspiration, and instructions essential for achieving success in their internet, and, offline business. Membership is free, however opt in is required. Come green, with an opened mind and leave the rest up to our mentor. P.S. In Internet Marketing, if you do not have the right training and support, the number of things that you need to know to become successful, can keep you asking, How'd They Do That?! Click the link above to find out for yourself how it really is done.

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